Introductory Booklet

In the vocational school, education and training are being carried out in five programs: Horticulture, Landscape and Ornamental Plants, Food Technology, Wine Production Technology, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. 

Besides of our staff, the support from the related units of our university is carried out with the education-training activities and the improvement plans are regularly carried out. 

Along with being the main target education and training, studies are being carried out in order to collect social and cultural exchanges with the district where it is located. 

Kalecik Vocational School aims to educate individuals with broad, intellectual, creative, practical and cultural backgrounds of science horizon, using the achievements of contemporary science and technology, according to the main aims and objectives of Ankara University. For this purpose, it aims to realize a strong and participatory academic and administrative structuring and an understanding of education, research and social service.